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Support from NMB Councilmembers DeFillipo, Kramer, and Martell

May 15, 2015 (North Miami Beach) – Following the endorsement by North Miami Beach Mayor George Vallejo, we are proud to announce endorsements from three NMB councilmembers in support of Michael Joseph for North Miami Beach Council, Group 3.

Councilman Anthony DeFillipo is an entrepreneur and owner of Precision Computers. He is  also the current president of the North Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce.

DeFillipo writes about Joseph: “Michael Joseph will make a great addition to the North Miami Beach council. He is an attorney who understands the needs of our community. I wholeheartedly endorse Michael Joseph for NMB City Council, Group 3.”

Councilwoman Barbara Kramer is a well-known figure in North Miami Beach through her involvement of the Eastern Shores Property Owners Association as well as the North Miami Beach Civic Association.

Kramer explains her endorsement: “As an elected official and as a resident, I endorse Mr. Michael Joseph for North Miami Beach Councilman in the Group 3 Seat. Having been introduced to Michael through friends and area leaders, I noticed his passion and learned of his reasons for wanting to serve. I couldn’t agree more with many of his motivations such as his willingness to make decisions based on what is best for our city, not his personal gains or concerns. And just as important is his ability to lead with great integrity and dedication in moving our city forward. Michael has an impressive background both educationally and professionally. He will be an asset for all of us.”

Councilwoman Marlen Martell has more than 20 years of government experience and a Masters Degree in Public Administration. At present, she is a professor at Florida International University.

Martell expresses her support for Joseph: “Endorsing a candidate is not based on personality, but on who will have the character to stand for what is right for the community.  In Seat 3, Michael Joseph will give a definitive answer.  He is open minded, will research options and stand by his conviction.  As a resident I need an individual which will represent the needs of the community and as my colleague I need an advocate of the city as a whole.  Michael Joseph is that individual and I hope you can support him for North Miami Beach City Council, Group 3.”

The May 5th election resulted in 59% of voters rejecting our opponent, an 8-year career politician, another 4-year term on the council dais.

Next week on Tuesday, May 19th, North Miami Beach voters will again go to the polls to vote whether or not to retain the 8-year incumbent.

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