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Job Creation and Workforce Expansion

As your councilmember, I will work on bringing new, sustainable business into the community. I will constantly promote those businesses that come into our community and exhaust every effort to reach out and employ our residents. Expansion of the workforce and creating new jobs is necessary and vital to our way of life. I will form comprehensive plans, with community input, to expand jobs, creating more opportunities and revenue.

Furthermore, small and minority businesses should have the same access as their larger counterparts. I will push for legislation that make it easier for small and minority businesses to grow and prosper.


Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability

As your councilmember, I will ensure that every dollar that comes into our city budget is used effectively to make our lives better. How a city budgets its resources is directly related to the standard of living that we enjoy. We should raise the bar on the good stewardship and create future plans to automatically dedicate money to maintain streets, green spaces and our civic and park spaces.

Budget Watch


Crime Prevention and Community Policing

As your councilmember, I will take every action possible to prevent crime by encouraging a community policing model that places an emphasis of law enforcement on interaction with the community. Preventing crime involves not only making sure that our homes are secure and that we take precautions to be safe, it also means working with law enforcement to look out for the safety of our neighbors.

I will fight to ensure that police and prosecutors have the tools and resources they need to prevent crime in the first instance and to keep criminals off our streets. I also believe that decreasing crime and making our communities safer requires a return to the value that we must all take responsibility for our families and our neighborhoods.

Crime Prevention